hi! i am...
a learning scientist and creative technologist
currently exploring
contemplative learning at scale in the digital age, and how to support students in multimodal, embodied learning through novel educational approaches using multimedia, tangibles and new media
passionate about
creating ways to deepen our connection with ourselves, with others, and with the natural world
inspired by
holistic systems rooted in tradition, ritual, and intentionality, integrated with somaesthetic technology and culture
motivated to
offer my skills and experience to reduce the suffering we experience, heal trauma, and support a profound sense of coming home to wholeness within ourselves and within our communities
My research areas include: social-emotional learning, embodied cognition, enactivism, micro-phenomenology, haptic media studies, digital learning environments, multimodal learning analytics, adaptive learning, knowledge tracing, computer science education, contemplative learning, neurodiversity, sensory integration theory, inclusive sensory ethnography, universal design for learning
I also like to feed people, nap, cuddle, meditate, make music, play volleyball, and collaborate on just about anything 🍠 🧙‍♀️
and you can find me here: