Creating Coding

I like to play with themes of organic patterns, spaciousness, and creative spontaneity.

I create mainly with Three.js, P5.js, and D3.js. You can see a collection of my sketches here.

Health-Aware Recipe Generation using LSTMs

A novel culinary recipe generator that moves beyond simply inputting ingredients. We extend a recurrent long-short term memory model's input to incorporate a given nutritional profile as well as a sample of ingredients. This would not only generate a relevant and sensible recipe but one created specifically for ones specific dietary needs.

This was a final project for Data 244: Data Mining & Analytics, taught by Professor Zachary Pardos in Fall 2021 at UC Berkeley School of Education.

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Feeels is an interactive emotion wheel, to support emotional expression, intelligence, tracking, and self-awareness.

Fullstack, serverless web app. Built using React, Next.js, Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Styled Components, ChakraUI, D3js, and ESNext. Hosted on Now.

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The Insight Map is an ongoing collaboration between [Mikey Siegel]( and myself, emerging from a need to make sense of the myriad tools, techniques, approaches, and experiences that make up our lives and quest for well-being. This tool is intended as an aid in understanding associations between emotional, somatic, and mental experiences, actions, and contexts, by visualizing the relationships of vocal and written notes as a network topology.

Fullstack, serverless web app. Built using React, Next.js, and D3js.

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Insight Map in action

What does joy feel like for you? Where in the body do you feel joy? Can you taste joy? Hear, smell, touch it? What images emerge when you think of joy?

I am fascinated by the spectrum of what emotions feel like for each of us. How diverse the experiences of joy, of sadness, of love, of fear can be. We are all human, yet we embody and embrace our humanness uniquely as our own.

Fullstack, serverless web app. Built using React, Next.js, and D3js.

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The San Francisco Dharma Collective is a sangha-led Buddhist community, located in the Mission district of San Francisco.

JAMStack site with dynamic functionality using Netlify serverless functions. Built using React, Gatsby.js, Styled Components, Node.js, and ESNext. Hosted on Netlify.

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XyloFun is a non-profit organization working to make music education more accessible to the most under-resourced schools in South Africa.

JAMStack site using Contentful as a CMS. Built using React, Gatsby.js, Emotion, Rebass, ThemeUI, and ESNext. Hosted on Netlify.